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The Misanthropic Anthropologist

Professional Vampire and Hag

Scarlett Messenger
16 September
This journal is dead.
adderall, adult swim, alice in wonderland, altered states, amazons, american tribal dance, anais nin, ancient architecture, ancient mysteries, ancient religions, anthropology, anti-bush, anti-christianity, appalachia, aqua teen hunger force, archaeology, archetypes, ariadne, art films, asatru, bacchus, bdsm, bees, belly dancing, bettie page, black magick, books, brian eno, british comedy, brothers quay, bugs, burlesque, catal huyuk, cernunnos, chaos magick, childfree, cocteau twins, crispin hellion glover, cryptids, cults, dark erotica, debauchery, decadance, demonology, demons, dionysus, dreams, entomology, ethereal, fae, faeries, fairy tales, feral children, filmmaking, folklore, folkloric dancing, free thought, fuck seattle, gay boys, gay rights, ghost hunting, ghosts, gothic americana, gothic folk, grand guignol, greenman, h. p. lovecraft, harlot, haunted houses, hecate, hedonism, herne, hsp, human sacrifice, hyenas, hypnagogia, insects, jack kerouac, joanna newsom, kali, kaspar hauser, kate bush, knowledge, left hand path, lilith, lizzie borden, lucifer, maenad, maenads, magick, marquis de sade, melek taus, morrigan, mother goose, muses, mythology, neil gaiman, neofolk, norse mythology, numbers stations, nursery rhymes, occult, occultism, oddities, old hollywood, pan, paranormal phenomenon, phlebotomy, poodles, pre-christian, psychotronic film, rozz williams, sacred prostitution, satanism, satyrs, scarlet woman, sculpting, serial killers, sex, sex magick, shamanism, sigur ros, sleeping, sleeping goddess, southern gothic, spiders, supernatural, sushi, synchronicity, tattoos, thaumaturgy, the young ones, theurgy, trance, tribal belly dance, tribal dance, trogdor, voluntary simplicity, warrior, witch, witchcraft, wizard of oz, woodland park zoo, yurt, zoology